About Me

4th From The Right

My name is Timothy Forson. I am currently a high school student living in Woburn, MA looking to go to college to persue a career in Computer Science. I love to create things, and nothing would be better than creating my own video games and being able to share them with people everywhere. My interest is in Technology, software and video games specifically, and forestry. I've spent so much time in the forest, it's almost become a second home for me. I spend my free time creating music online, with my piano, ukulele, and guitar. I also spend it writing fiction, reading history, drawing, playing video games, and coding. Sometimes you will find my helping my dad with his painting business. Some people that have inspired me are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Gabe Newell. A personal dream for me, in addition to creating my own Software/Video Game company, is to explore North America and its vast landscapes.